Why writing the travel journal is important in traveling

People who love traveling also love to write a travel journal. They think writing the experience of the place into the travel journal is the best activity to do while traveling. They also write because they want to save all memories in a small book. People think writing a travel journal is not difficult; you don’t need good grammar, you may write in the way you want.

Reasons why writing the travel journal is important during traveling:


A travel journal is the best memory to have with you for a lifetime. Many people write during traveling because they want to write exactly the things as it happened at the moment. Many people even take pictures and paste it in the travel journal. People usually write on scrap paper at the moment and afterwards copy in the journal. A travel journal is the best form memory to have with you. People who love to write are the most creative persons. They use many tactics to make the journal beautiful.

To learn and observe:

As per Mohamed Dekkak, when you visit a place that is famous and most visited place by the tourist, don’t forget there will be some reason due to which this place has some popularity. You can make the notes and write it in the travel journal. Writing the travel journal is important for traveling because you can write each and every experience you got at that particular place. At the tourist’s hotspot what the locals were doing, which food was famous at that place, how people interact with you and which thing was beautiful and surprised you. What thing you learn and observe at this place. All these things you can write, they will remain with you, whenever you want to recall your trip, reading all this will make easy for you to remember that place and time.

Writing the uniqueness of the experience:

Various people experience differently than others. Not everyone sees the thing in the same perspective. You can capture that feeling by writing into the travel journal. Which places were beautiful, how your experience was while visiting the historical places, what travel guide told you about that place and what were you feeling at that time. Writing all in the journal will be a precious memory.

Discovering about yourself:

Many people think if you want to learn about yourself than travel more. As you get time and come out of hectic routine, you find time for yourself and discover many things inside you. As you travel the world, meet different people, experiencing new things your mind open in new directions. Write all the things in your travel journals, that things too, which challenge your opinions. Note down the things which you don’t understand, which prove you wrong or on which you don’t agree. After all, that wrote down why you were against that and what you learn from it. By writing all in the travel journal in traveling, you may discover a new person inside you